Nokia 1000 x speed Internet Test Google Fiber
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Nokia 1000 x speed Internet Test Google Fiber

The need for internet access that are not only fast and stable currently has become the demands of modern society. Even in developing countries such as Indonesia, there have been many users who wish to gain access the internet at high speed.


But the problem is, the technology can be adapted in some locations far from the maximum. Plus it infrastructure does not support problems, making the development of super-fast internet feels walking in place.

However this did not seem to occur in some large countries, because like in America, the speed of the internet which can be accessed by users of the land of Uncle Sam could arguably very quickly. This is inseparable from the progress of technology in those countries which supported the existence of many technology companies such as #Google which has fast internet service, Google fiber.

And did you know, not long ago the company another technology which is known a lot more play in the realm of mobile devices, Nokia, are developing new technology that has internet access speeds of up to 1000 times the speed of the Google fiber!

Nokia Research by Bell Labs

In an official release party Nokia stated through one of Nokia’s technology development Division, Bell Labs is developing the latest data transmission method which is claimed capable of delivering internet access exceeds limits #internet the fastest that exists today. The development itself is done by Nokia Bell Labs on the Deutsche Telekom T-Labs and the Technical University of Munich, Germany.

In a trial that has been implemented for some time later to produce a significant achievement. The speed that can be obtained from this internet connection methods capable of achieving 1000 times faster than the fastest internet connection in the US, Google fiber. And this technique is called Probabilistic Constellation Shaping or PCS.

Nokia Developer claimed that Bell Labs, to the present trial has done is still large-scale testing laboratory. So in other words, super fast internet access speeds are not workable in a commercial area or scope.

How PCS Work?

To be able to reach the level of the data access speed incredible fast, method of data transmission do PCS in a way that is completely different from the way that already exist today. Unlike the transmission method of back-to-back that have been developed previously, this method generally collects a large amount of signal into fiber optic cable. In this way, researchers can begin to unravel that limits the speed of data access through fiber optic cables that were previously known by the name “Shannon limit” turned out to be exceeded.

Back in the early development of the technology of fiber optic cable, in 1948, Claude Shannon who also was an engineer at Bell Labs has argued that there is a limit for data transfer can be done via fiber optics. However, through engineering technology made by Nokia, the team tried to speeding limit by running the speed test to achieve 1 Tbps!

For the moment this kind of speed is indeed still not can become a reality. But research from Nokia’s Bell Labs shows that with the condition the speed target laboratories, could’ve been achieved. This must be a big step in the transmission technology in the future, where we can simplify the process so complicated that process becomes easier, and imposes a very fast internet access

Stay at Hotel, understand the First Rule, do not Easily get angry!

Stay at Hotel, understand the First Rule

This night is tetiba one of my tag your friends on Facebook in one posting. It turns out he’s a share video up tonight already seen tens of thousands of times, first in-share by a person’s initials RS and there are three videos that he uploaded the recording was a guest on the likes of grumpy hotel jombang because not allowed to live when he was booked for two nights. (Note: I did not write that RS are uploading it is the same with the grumpy yeah, keep it! * chuckle *)

I still upload a video of it Yes males here, because I prefer to discuss this case in general. And draw on the wisdom, who knows the wisdom behind the drop in video are invisible. #opotoiki

Concise story put it this way, the readers, the guest in this morose video because he was resting in a room and asked by the staff of five-star hotels in Bali (which he says is the same bell-boy also directly packed up the stuff guests) to leave the room.

Wah, cruel banget ya?

Briefly bro … read first sat subjects.

It turns out that the guest book 1 room and she came with wife + 2 kids 1 (still a baby he said, 1 & 2 years), daaaan … jeng jeng … two baby sitter.

So the total guests staying there was 4 adults + 2 children.

While the rules of the hotel said, maximum occupancy in a room that is 2 adults + 2 children. If you want to add a message, should be 1 adult extra bed. And for 2 children under 12 years, free of charge if they stay in existing bed, aka no extra bed will be provided.

Here it was clear ‘ right? That guest was actually against the rules, and even mencak-mencak when found out. Even when the hotel offers solutions to add rooms (with the added costs of course), guests remain aja grumpy dont clear, but he said money is not an issue for him.

Trus lah ngeyel nothing: it’s already checked in, kok pas mau rebuked dont check in, why should dovetail leyeh-leyeh guests in the room?

As employees of the tourism, already the plural case kinds of gini, masbro and mbaksis all. When the register would like check in, guests dont confess if she came home. Free same Ngakunya bini. After holding the key, new deh one at a friends or relatives come into the room, sometimes while nyelundup let me not caught the same staff.

Duh, how cruel banget ya hotel?

Well, not that cruel. Each hotel had regulations including the question of the capacity of an ordinary room or we call maximum occupancy. And this rule would have been informed at the moment of booking guests, be it direct to the hotel, booking through travel agents or by online travel agent. The NIH, for example, I took from one of the OTA, there stated clearly the question of regulation and maximum occupancy for each room. So when booking the room, make it a habit read Term & Condition and the hotel policy clearly, jangan asal main booking.

The rules that apply at the hotel such as check-in and check-out, maximum occupancy, noise pollution … Uh, noise policy (sorry ketuker the term noise pollution that are in status pengupload video yesteryear hahaha), certainly had a strong foundation of thought. E.g. nih, why is there a maximum occupancy, imagine bro if it is wise to make mattresses 2 people trus saddled 4 people, going fast broken tuh!

The problem is … a little guest really wants to read your confirmation letter carefully. Without intending generalize people Indonesia, but a lot of our people who nggampangin question. If a read confirmation and found that the maximum adults should check in is 2 people, belagak do not know and “alaaah, easy later baby sitter we ngumpet aja ngumpet-inclusion”.

Trus if caught, and ‘ expelled ‘, mencak-mencak in fact guests accused hotel lightly wrote.

By the way, the term “expelled” is the term the guest mencak-mencak in the video was Yes. If the video was aired, I am quite the same pity a patient hotel staff really ngadepin guests, while the guest arogannya for mercy. Asked sit down dont want (not what ya tired of fighting while standing so, ya mbok sit down let me ngobrolnya more palatable). Securities diem aja, charged with emotion (sumpeh I see this section ngakak, excuse me Mr. Security, we all know how it feels to ngadepin this kind of guests).

Well, we dont have the same focus of this three-part video deh. We discussed aja reserved behaviour of the guests often make the hotel stroking the chest. This is not limited to guests of Indonesia or foreigner guest Yes, if an alien violates any rules, it also certainly act decisively kok.

The following list of cases the behaviour of hotel guests who are hard to understand are recorded in my memory:

Check-in’s home (kalo said: for Bali) exceeds the maximum occupancy of the room. Not hypocritical, I also never really check in rame-rame, his name is also a young child. But when the time came to the hotel, we will not mencak-mencak kok, we know we’re wrong.

If it escapes from the hotel strike, lower mattress make bed friend that exceed the capacity of yesteryear.
Bring rice cooker (it real bro!).

Bring aqua galon (also real!). This dont violate the rules anyway (to my knowledge) but come on, it could pay five-star hotel ‘ Yes can not buy bottled mineral water anyway? (Updated 5/5/19 4:19 PM: from the comments that come in, there are entries that some guests mainly family and it took a lot of mineral water, preferring to bring aqua galon for reasons of practicality and more efficient. I admit, there is a point. Well, it’s your choice, guys, anyway that’s why I did not write “behaviour of hotel guests who violate the rules” as I bold above, but rather “the behaviour of hotel guests that are difficult to understand”, the more I add: by personal experience I more often as single/couple traveler. Thanks for the input, ya Via!)

Take the hotel’s inventory items that are in the room. These can be small like ashtrays, vases of flowers, liquid soap (!) until the towels and pillows! (Can you imagine? Nyelundupin pillow in a suitcase? Come on!)
Check-in before check-in and grumpy when the room is not ready. Well, this is also the point read confirmation letter carefully, because there certainly are listed check-in and check-out.

Wear clothes that ‘ go around ‘ in the public area. This is actually the basic etiquette hell Yes. The name of the in-room slippers worn Yes, don’t get used to the restaurant. Or wear a bikini at the pool, yes do not lingering in to lobby.
Make a fuss until a neighbor the next room interrupted, or ruckus in public areas such as the world belongs to them and guests

the other invisible. Well … no explanation’s needed. Already it is obvious.
Surprisingly, the above things done also by some guests five-star hotels loh! But if I think ya can, booking rooms in five-star hotels have money means more. Means wong sugih. LHA kok gak kayak his people have money?

Back to the matter of video yesteryear, seeing hundreds of comments that go really very entertaining even though many that sadist slice to make a thin ear. But I penginnya anyway that video is removed or lowered wrote. Not because the hotel wrong, or afraid because the call would give Guest House members (create backing?), but … sorry, guests and the pengupload video on all-out bully. (Why must I pity Eh Yes, my sepenglihatan, si pengupload video dont feel nyesel kok.)

So, for the sake of peace all parties, if we stay in the hotel, comply with the rules in force at the hotel. Not that can pay for expensive rooms, and guests are entitled to make its own rules.

ok this information presented by: Hotel di Jombang And if anything happens, don’t easily upload video, laah malu-maluin yourself boss!

Jenis Sumber protein yang besar

makanan berptotein

Fungsi Protein ini dianggap sebagai “makro,” berarti bahwa tubuh kita biasanya memerlukan sejumlah besar itu. Hal ini karena tubuh kita menggunakan protein untuk membuat segala sesuatu dari tulang dan rambut untuk otot-otot dan darah. Namun, tidak seperti lemak dan karbohidrat, tubuh kita tidak menyimpan protein yang membuatnya penting untuk secara konsisten menjaga jumlah protein yang tepat dalam diet Anda. Dengan mempelajari apa makanan tinggi dalam protein dan bagaimana untuk mengintegrasikan mereka ke dalam diet Anda, Anda dapat dengan mudah mulai makan lebih banyak protein.

Menambahkan lebih banyak makanan laut dan daging untuk diet Anda. Hidangan laut dan unggas adalah dua sumber protein. Mereka juga sudah pilihan sehat daripada bentuk lain dari protein daging karena mereka biasanya lebih rendah lemak.

Selain menjadi sumber protein yang besar, banyak pilihan makanan laut, seperti salmon, juga kaya asam lemak omega-3, yang baik untuk jantung.

Gelap daging unggas sedikit lebih tinggi lemak daripada putih daging. Anda juga harus menghapus kulit dari unggas sebelum memasak karena penuh dengan lemak jenuh.
Tenderloin babi adalah daging putih kaya protein lain.

Hal ini lebih ramping daripada unggas tapi masih lebih ramping daripada daging merah.

Memilih daging sapi tanpa lemak. Ketika Anda memiliki hidangan yang menyerukan daging sapi, memastikan bahwa Anda menggunakan daging sapi tanpa lemak. Luka ramping yang umumnya hanya 1g lebih tinggi lemak jenuh dari ayam tanpa kulit, dan mereka masih sumber protein yang besar. Beberapa contoh ramping memotong daging sapi termasuk babak puncak, sirloin, steak panggul, dan 93% daging sapi. Melayani 3.5 oz daging sapi tanpa lemak memiliki 10g atau kurang lemak, 4,5 g atau kurang lemak jenuh, dan kurang dari 95mg kolesterol.

Selain sumber protein, ramping memotong daging sapi juga mengandung seng, besi, dan vitamin B12.
Mencari istilah “pinggang” atau “bulat” untuk membantu memilih ramping memotong daging sapi.

Meningkatkan jumlah susu rendah lemak dalam diet Anda. Susu, keju, dan yogurt-adalah sumber protein makanan. [10] penuh lemak pilihan dapat membawa jumlah kalori yang berat, meskipun, jadi selalu memilih untuk rendah lemak pilihan (misalnya 1% atau susu skim) untuk memaksimalkan jumlah protein sambil meminimalkan kalori.
Produk susu juga sumber kalsium dan banyak yang diperkaya dengan vitamin D.
Coba tegang yoghurt Yunani atau Islandia untuk makanan protein tinggi. Setiap porsi 6 oz memiliki sekitar 14 g protein, dibandingkan dengan 10g di yoghurt rendah lemak. [13]

Makan telur lebih. Jika Anda mencari untuk menambahkan lebih banyak protein pada anggaran, telur adalah salah satu sumber paling mahal protein yang Anda dapat menemukan. [14] the American Heart Association bahkan mengatakan bahwa orang dewasa yang sehat dapat dengan aman menambahkan telur untuk diet mereka setiap hari. [

Seperti dengan produk susu, Anda juga dapat memaksimalkan protein sambil meminimalkan lemak yang didasarkan pada bagaimana Anda makan telur. Putih telur mengandung hampir 50% protein dalam seluruh telur sementara yang mengandung hampir tidak ada lemak,

jadi pertimbangkan memisahkan putih telur dari kuning telur ketika makan telur. Membeli sekotak putih telur juga dapat menjadi pilihan yang baik. Pastikan untuk membaca label untuk memastikan itu adalah 100% putih telur, karena beberapa merek Tambahkan garam.

Tambahkan lebih banyak biji untuk diet Anda. Kacang-kacangan adalah sumber besar protein untuk diet, dan mereka juga sarat dengan serat dan nutrisi lain yang membuat Anda merasa penuh, yang membuat mereka sempurna pengganti daging merah dalam sejumlah hidangan, termasuk cabai dan taco. [19] [20] 1/2 cangkir kacang bahkan mengandung banyak protein sebagai satu ons penuh steak panggang

Marketing Success with Digital Marketing Sharia

muslim go online, digital marketing

Digital marketing syariah is one of the most marketing was done by syariah company at this time. In fact almost all companies use digital marketing to marketing more effective. Compare with offline marketing is indeed a digital marketing is far more effective both in terms of time and cost are also used. Digital marketing-based Shariathis is marketing using electronic media resulting in many using the internet for their connection. Digital marketing can be run with just one to two people atua one company, how about offline marketing?


If you use offline marketing costs necessarily incurred by the company. Starting from the salary costs of personnel marketing, transport costs, the costs of consumption, costs create ads on television and radio as well as print media and much more. But with digital marketing of syariah you will save on marketing costs are much cheaper compared to offline marketing. One of the things important in digital marketing is how the product can be easily marketed on the internet, the first step is how to master google.


As one of the media for browsing the easy company’s products are on the first page of google then the greater the opportunities your company’s Shariah-compliant products is seen by many people. The Internet as a medium for digital marketing best syariah does indeed give you an extraordinary effect on the company. Imagine how many millions of people each day browsing the internet, if one day there are a thousand people who see your product on the internet, how’s it going?


To maximize digital marketing indeed you need to master SEO, one of the techniques essential for marketing on the internet more effective, but that does not mean you have to learn SEO, digital consultant course with current, you can exploit it for better business development. Digital marketing is able to make your business more quickly developing could even compete with companies that are Shariah-compliant products are already well-known. Is this possible? Of course all possible if you use the right digital marketing of Sharia.

How to remove acne scars Naturally is easy and fast

How to remove acne scars Naturally is easy and fast

How to remove acne scars Naturally is easy and fast

How to remove acne scars. Surely the same sebel kan deal whose name is acne. Same I also, duh if see acne perched beautifully peaceful in the face of the burden surely want to squeeze in mulu. So also do PAL. Kalu PAL had a habit of mencetin acne from now on stop ya, soalnya squeeze acne will certainly leave scars that are very very hard to dihilangin the lifeline.

How to remove acne scars are Blackened
If a friend you’ve already mencetin existing acne on the face, keep the acne that left former PAL past confused nyari right how to remove acne scars. Create a buddy who has a problem like that dont have to worry, it will be I love tips how to remove acne scars that are stubborn. In addition to the acne scars pocked pocked, sometimes acne that had healed also left black spots on the face. Then how do I remove the black spots of acne scars. Don’t worry if the buddy buddy want to know more can read in detail how to remove the black spots of acne scars naturally.

How to mengilangkan acne scars by using ingredients natural ingredients made from material that is easy enough in the get. Indeed if using natural materials certainly more complication, but if use natural materials let alone a create your own guaranteed safer and avoid the dangerous face cream containing mercury, and would have been if created yourself in addition to secure guaranteed cheaper too, haha. Well this dude can wear ya to get rid of acne scars, pantengin to pol Yes.

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How to remove acne scars Using tomatoes
In addition to being able to eliminate acne scars, tomatoes are also able to reduce the pimples are emerging. In addition to these two functions, it turns out that tomatoes can also be used as natural facial Whitener, want to know more read ya in the face bleach from natural ingredients.

To get rid of acne scars, friend quite prepare a few grains of tomatoes, the tomato tomatoes do not forget in the first wash Yes until clean, then cut into pieces. After that place the tomato pieces in the face there is a stubborn acne scars. Wait for about 20 to 30 minutes then wash to clean using water. This treatment can also do PAL for 2 to times in one week.

Using lime juice
Lemons are rich in vitamin C are able to regenerate dead skin cells cells as well as useful for reducing excess oil on our face. We already know right when vitamin C serves as a replacement of dead cells, skin cells as well as in the face.

Harvesting Money By Cultivation Of Etawa Goat aqiqah

Etawa Goat Farming
General analysis of etawa goat, created by the existing references to its ideal. It occasionally makes its beginner doubt whether such calculations realistic? can a goat farm etawa I later get a profit as in the analysis? how I wish the analysis wrong?. Questions like this is very possible and would almost certainly appear in reading an analysis of etawa goat business.

Harvesting Money By Cultivation Of Etawa Goat aqiqah

Several factors can cause the analysis calculation of etawa goat raising it becomes less valid is:

1. the layout of the home to the feed source of forage. The location of the stables of etawa goat source feed naturally cost more than an enclosure near the source of the feed.

2. The cost of living in the area where the stall. The cost to make the infrastructure of the different course for each cage area. The cost includes the price of the building and the wages of carpenters. Likewise the wage child employees Coop was certainly different.

3. Absorption of livestock products market goats etawa each region is different. For example the price of goat milk each region varies. Even in certain areas is not necessarily we can sell etawa kambing aqiqah murah jombang goat’s milk.

4. The purpose of raising different with objectives that are analysed in the reference. Etawa goat raising for the contest will certainly be different from raising goats for milk and broiler etawa.

5. The price of goat etawa in reality different from the rates in the reference analysis. Generally the price of etawa goat in analysis are cheaper compared with prices now. It can also be the price difference is due to the difference in price for each area.

feed goats etawa sengon

Required in addressing a policy analysis efforts raising goats etawa. Do not let the analysis-analysis make beginners become reluctant to raising or even too hope (over expectation). Too hope to benefit from the existing analysis-analysis will result in an attempt of livestock can immediately close when encountering an obstacle.

Wise steps can be performed:

1. Make the analysis-analysis of existing as a rough picture of the profits that might come by. All the efforts are definitely favorable origin carried out with focus and consistent. Does not have to be the advantages that you can lower than analysis.

2. Pay attention to the layout of the home to the feed source of forage. One of the keys to successful goat raising etawa is pressing the feed costs. Note also keseterdiaan feed concentrate as the Lees knew or for cake corn (tumpi).

3. Know the absorbance against livestock product market goats etawa. By knowing the market will determine the absorbance purpose breeding goat etawa. Whether for broiler, milk or contest.

4. Build the infrastructure in accordance with the number of goats etawa which will be maintained and owned capital. For example it is very nice to have a cage made of wood and tile-roofed. But if there has been no capital, then it can be replaced bamboo and wooden roof tiles can be replaced asbestos. The bottom line is that needs to be moved forward so that farms can be run. The selection should also consider infrastructure development effort. The goal is for the efficiency of the use of capital.

5. Choose goat peranakan etawa or etawa goat that corresponds with the purpose of raising capital and owned. Prices of mutton etawa ras kaligesing on the market today are quite expensive. By buying seeds or etawa goat race stem senduro cheaper and quality will be able to reduce the cost of purchasing dairy goats and broiler.

6. Starting from the easy, cheap and small. This provides an opportunity for goat breeders etawa beginners to learn the aspects of management of livestock goat etawa. In addition it reduces the risk of loss if there is a dead goat.

7. Think ahead to develop and raising livestock goats etawa. With a Cattlemen’s principle is expected in no hurry to take all the profit without taking into account the enlargement of the enclosure (such as expansion of the enclosure or the addition of etawa goat). Should a benefit can be played again to enlarge etawa goat farm assets.

8. Always open yourself to always learn the science of etawa goat herds. Consultation between fellow breeder goat etawa and which has succeeded can help a good livestock management understanding and true.

bamboo cages etawa goat

Etawa goat raising is one of the business or businesses that the risks are small and easily most. Prices of mutton from year to year rather than add cheap. Although there have been many goat breeders but the market demand is still high. This is due to the population factor, religious (akikah, sacrifice and celebration), exports and inflation.

The risks of raising goats etawa including small. This caused goat etawa goat is a flagship weatherproof disease. It is not like beef or chicken that s

How to remove acne scars Naturally with ease

How to remove acne scars Naturally with ease. Acne is a natural enemy to face, not only the women who fret when there are acne, the men also feel restless if acne appears on the face. Most people especially women, the first problem that arises when the acne comes is to remove acne either medically or naturally by fast time and the second problem is to remove the stubborn acne scars. Not a problem when acne arising not marked, because the problem of acne scars when hard to eliminated primarily in the face which is the part that is directly visible to others. However, that will be discussed here is not how to remove acne, but rather how to remove acne scars naturally.

Before discussing how to remove acne scars naturally, should we also need to know the cause or any factors that lead to acne.

Food Factor
Some people or perhaps the majority of the many who do not know that the food they consume as an everyday food is food that cause the onset of acne, examples of some foods cause acne include the following:
How to remove acne scars Naturally with ease
Instant noodles
Foods that contain MSG (Monosodium glutamate);
Fatty foods;
Fried foods;
Seafood (crab, mussels, squid) except for fish;
Sweet pastries;
Food berkarbohidrat high;
Full cream milk;
Chicken noodle;
Mie bakso (meatballs);
And others.

Internal factors and external factors
Besides the factor of food there are also many other factors cause the onset of acne. These factors are divided into two, namely the internal factors and external factors. The following is an important factor that causes someone easily affected by acne are:

Hormonal Factors;
Bacterial Factors;
Factors Make Up;
Hereditary Factors;
Stress Factors;
Factors Of Skin Types;
Factors Of Infection;
Environmental Factors;
Factor Of Drugs;

Once we know what factors that cause the onset of acne, then it will be discussed how to remove acne scars naturally. To get rid of acne scars you need not megeluarkan costs that are arguably high, e.g. for a facial at salon or do special treatment to a specialist skin. You can remove acne scars naturally using natural ingredients. How to remove acne scars naturally is certainly more safe and does not cause harmful side effects like when we use chemical drugs. The following quick tips remove acne scars on the face of both the Chin, cheeks and forehead easily.

The materials necessary to prepare your buddy simply lime juice as needed only. How to use it also dont ribet ribet banget. PAL quite squeeze lemon water, lemon juice, it results in apply on face first on the chart that have acne scars treatment, more extras on that section. Diemin used to be around 15 minutes, wait till it dries. After washing dries the face using clean water. This treatment can PAL repeat in 2 to 3 times a week.

Use egg whites
How to remove acne scars
We’ve often listened to the usability of the egg white. benerbanget, in addition to brighten and tighten the face of egg whites is also beneficial for fades acne scars. To use the egg whites first tama separate egg white with yellow, previously do not forget to clean the face used to be Yes. Take the egg whites that have been separated from the yellow, apply on face for use as a mask, wait until the mask dries about 10 to 15 minutes. Then the last blas by using clean water. If possible use cold water to rinse so that the results obtained are more optimally. This treatment can be repeat every 2 times in one week.

Using Aloe Vera
How to remove acne scars
Aloe Vera turns out many of its benefits, also Yes slimy plant this one turns out to be also effective against acne scars. PAL used to prepare some stems fresh Aloe Vera, Aloe Vera patahkan the push rods to jell that exist in the Aloe Vera were out. Well gunain tuh jell for a mask on the face and then let sit until it dries about 10 to 15 minutes. The last washing face with clean water. This therapy can also do PAL for 2 to times in one week.

Now that is some how to remove acne scars, interested pengen nyoba? Ceritain your experience about ngilangin pimple Yes, that many know. May be useful.

Business Property Beginner’s and The Layperson

For still, the layperson and beginners,the Following may be information useful

Business Property Beginner's and The Layperson

here’s some tips for those of you who want to learn
1.Find the ground under 1000m2 (ain’t no luas2 first).

If you could find land enough for a 1-4 unit home. Why luasan little?
Don’t need a permit that way..enough of IMB. same if you want to build a house regular.So there ain’t no name IPT (permission Peruntukan/processing Ground).

2.Offer systems to work together (for the modalnya a little)
don’t bother to buy the ground
Offer the concept of partnership with landowners
In the concept of this purchase land to do with the way divided, in each kavling woke up, means payments made if kavling sold. Then where’s the profit the Owner of the Land ?
1.The value of gain set at the very beginning agreement.
The extent of about 20-50% of the value of the total price of the sold land that it was agreed with the Developer.

Example : if the price sold to the Developer it was agreed the Rp.100.000,- and vast land 1000m2 then total price = Rp. 100.000.000,- then the benefits we promise you is between Rp. 20.000.000 until Rp.50.000.000,-.
The value of the percentage depends on the deal with.

2.The owner of the Land can more quickly benefit
Because payment of land and the benefits paid from each kavling sold, don’t wait until the project is finished.

3.Advantage the Owner of the land has been in the key at the very beginning so that any losses that diderita of the project.
Developer remains obligated to give you an advantage, because it has been compromised at the very beginning.

4.Cooperation is limited by time, and there are penalties to the Developer if in the period of time that haven’t sold the whole kavling.
Example the concept of this joint :
In the agreement stipulated period of cooperation for 2 years and can be extended. There’s a pause for the Developer (our own to propose any penalty to this) if in 2 years still not pay off the whole liability for payment of land & profits, pinaltinya be the subsequent value of his we agreed with the Owner of the land.
The penalty can be increase in the price of land, value about 10%. So when the moon is 25 (in years-3) the price of land will go up 10%, means the obligation to Developer up to be 10% of the price of the land, a percentage of the benefits of following the new price.
With the scheme above then we as a Developer have a time limit and going “all-out” for 2 years to sell out the whole unit home. Scheme this also gives the certainty of time and value that will be got by the Owner of the land.

tips negotiating with the owner of the land
How to negotiate to the Owner of the Land to cooperate with the Developer ? , the following things You need to pay attention to :

1.Identify the background of the owner of the land
Find out what his operation, his job, his business, the neighborhood house does he live, how is the family. It may look “complicated” but the real things that determine how we should communicate with the owner of the land, how the language that we use. Like if the social status of the voters the ground are in the middle class to the top of different languages we if with status who were in high school down.

2.Uncovering the needs of the owner of the land
If you have a landowner that would sell its land, then try to express why he wanted to sell his property. Because sometimes the reason to sell land is very simple.

3.Do approach with “Heart”
The point is to expose mean your purpose in starting a business property dan rumah mnerupakan bisnis yang menjanjikan. Rumah yang ada di ponorogo bisa menjadi pilihan untuk memiliki rumah di ponorogo kunjungi rumah di ponorogo. Why do you want a partner with the owner of the land, because with your partners then get each other’s benefit. To build communication with the owner of the land then you say that meeting with him as part of the connect silaturahmi, add friend/new brother.

4.Better to build than to sell land
Yeah, selling the ground will only get your money’s worth the market price land in the area, and to manage first and build it then will get profit berlipat. Relation to negotiate with the owner of the land, reveal the things that last, coupled with that if he’s just selling the land then it will be impressed need your money or for-for heir for example, just by selling the land then there is no “rest of trail” that the fatherland is the result of someone else’s revolting sweat or the result of the hard work his parents (if that land heir).
To work with the developer then it would be impressive that it also includes the effort the owner of the land, so that the impression with the neighbors/neighborhood that the owners of the land have a new is attempt of the property. To build & develop his property then the owner of the land will have pride of myself, have memories that will continue to exist. Things won’t get if he just menjualkan soils
So the message is, Don’t Sell the Land !

5.Use the influence of other people in his family.
Find out who’s the most he’s respect in the family (could the old man, grandfather or people who have him) and suggested to name the estate with the name of a member of the family
Say that if that name is used then it will last forever, will always terkenang for housing that exist. And it is a compliment that very special for the people who dihormatinya in the area. If his name was Mr. Budi, suggested the name perumahannya Budi Graha or Anything Beautiful or Unconscionable Residence

6.Negosiasikan The Price Of The Land
Aspects of this very important influence in Your project.
If the price offered is cheap, of course no problem, but if the owner of the land mematok the price is high enough then offer his business. It means that we offer to the landowner or members of his family we will teach you how to be a Developer, how of with come to assist the process of development will be done and we as a Developer will se transparent might to open up all tips and tricks are his.

7.Negosiasikan scheme payment
There are some schemes that you can to the ground to offer :

a.Try you can make payments purchase land 100 % dicicil with the way paid from every sale kavling sold.
b.If had to put money down work a minimum of only 5 % (or smaller than 5%) of the price of the land the rest (95%) paid out of any kavling sold
c.The share of benefits directly paid from every kavling sold, the payment to the owner of the land was the payment of the land plus the value advantage
d.The value of the additional profit for the owner of the land between 10%-50% of the price of the land agreed.

3. Make Park front & gate. If there ain’t a lot, enough to wake up this first at the scene.
The phrase dandanin used him in the face, let me beautiful so make towing
A lot of people are trying to be a developer little forget this, they just make a brochure, but the land ain’t diapa2in aka still plain ain’t diolah. so at least make the park’s front gates.
Besides the park and the gates, for processing kavling, that make the boundaries between each kavling and also restrictions on the road. the important people can see which makes the road and that’s where kavling2nya

4. Make a brochure, make promotion (advertising in media print).

5. Looking for contractors who want to use teamwork
Means the payment due divided some termin the work time. If it can be watched alone then stay find penyuplai material would be paid with a period of time due certain.

Substance additif used no matter the variety junk food

Substance additif used no matter the variety. Starting from the material pengawet, dye, flavors until sweeteners artificial contained in a pack of food instant. Zat pengawet can trigger firing a mutation of cells that eventually result in Cancer. Substance dye can Cause allergies and cancer care. Of flavors like MSG menimbulkankerusakan brain. And substance sweeteners can cause cancer bag bladder, disorders of nerves and a brain tumor. So, can we conclude that cancer dominate the negative impact manifests by substance additif.

Substance additif used no matter the variety junk food

Other than that put forth up, as for the substance additif dangerous doesn’t deserve you used in the making of food, but it’s still used as a addition, the of the is’s formalin and Boraks. ‘s formalin is zat pengawet on the body, whereas boraks is the essence of bleach in the industrial textile mill.

As put forth by Prof. Joko Waluyo, one of a great teacher in the Faculty of Health Society, University of Jember. “If it’s formalin diteteskan on hand then that hand hit’s formalin were melepuh. Could conceivably, if the substances are hard on these in the human body and touch the internal organs are soft and thin. Then what happens is stuck I am the function of organs because of rusaknya the organs in the area.” 2[3
Therefore, food fast-food restaurant in a category that is considered most dangerous. And we need to think twice for consuming food instant such regularly, given the danger dikandungnya.

c. Food fast-food restaurant thai industry household
The category of the last from the industry household (merchant five feet). You need to contend with from the category this is how, tools, materials, and places used for treating the food. Usually traders five feet trade on the side of the road, as we all know that the road there is the pollution of the air. Pollution this lot contains chemical elements which are dangerous.

Not only contain chemicals, pollution air also causes a wide variety of microorganisms to disease. The sheer number of transportation cars will take the shit on the road spread out in all directions, including on the location of the stall to eat trader five feet. While the conditions of the stall, only protected by a tent open. Therefore the easier the microorganisms disease hinggap on food and eaten by humans. We can’t count how much bacteria parasites that get into our bodies.

Factor water whatever either contribute negative impact, because the water used is water raw that is not protected by a container that is closed. Water for washing is also limited to one place. Of the former the plates of people who eat normally washed with water the same. Another with hinggapnya animals vector, namely animal plant infectious diseases like cockroaches and flies.

4. Effort meminimalisasi negative impact
From much a factor and a result of food not healthy. Starting from the category of the first until the third, there should be an effort from us in meminimalisir pattern of life which is unhealthy. it can be strived with two ways, internally and externally.

Internally :

Reduce the consumption of food, junk food, increase consumption of vegetables and fruit as well as consume vitamins. Some vitamins are suspected to contain substances karsinogen (anti-cancer) is a vitamin A,C,E a lot of contained in vegetable and fruit acid folat contained in broccoli, spinach and asparagus: vitamin B3, vitamin D in the form of active contained in butter, milk, yolk liver, rice and fish
Seabagai a person who has the knowledge, we should be able to do socializing on the family and the public about the danger of food fast-food restaurant, keep an eye on, and control the gift and use the money to buy food to kids as well as get used to bringing your healthy meal from home.

2. In External
Manufacturer, necessary awareness and responsibility of the manufacturer against the use of the zat aditif at the grocery store that diproduksikan, give a information that obviously the composition of the food including zat aditif added, keeping the cleanliness of the location to trade, using the way of processing and using materials hygienic.

Consumer, as a consumer good, we have to choose a place to eat clean, see the value of nutrients to wrap food instant we buy, and make sure the product that has menapat permit production of BPOM.

The government, to do supervision and follow strict producers who violate the rule of law. To carry on the activities of program food additional child to school with used food source local. As well as melukan the evaluation routine on the market.

Non-Government (NGOS), facilitate terbentuknya consumer, encouraging role as well as society as a surveillance policy public, anticipating policy, global impact on the consumer, to do surveillance and to act as a defender of the consumer.

The danger of fast food for the body and our health

Danger Food Junk Food For Health FutureI want to ask you about the effect of fast food, say mi instant. Many would say that mi instant dangerous for the body. From here I think there are 2 questions:

1. That’s dangerous for the body why is there label information the value of nutrition on the pack mi instant? is nutrition dangerous to the body?

2. if it’s not good for the body, how long the body can expel the womb dangerous than mi instant so I can mengkonsumsinya safely in time periodically. thank you doc



A nutrient contained in the pack instant noodles is a picture of how much the value of trace nutrients from the food we consumption the in once to eat (1 pieces of noodles).

Basically nutrient is a substance organic that is needed by the body for maintenance of the body itself, but the need for the have the value of the normal /threshold consumption to moderation and useful for the process of metabolism of the body.

On 1 instant noodles value of nutrients listed are high carb and fat while a low fibre , low protein and high sodium. What he means is if we consume only instant noodles just then consumption of nutrients we will be less complete. And lack of it will exacerbate the condition if you do it constantly in the long run.

For example, on the 1 mi instant there is the nutrition of sodium can reach 2.700 mg while the necessities of a normal day is just around 1500 mg. This menandakn that consumption of sodium we have excessive to consume 1 noodles, haven’t any food other that we’ve consumed in a day like rice and side dishes, other, energy drinks etc. which also have saturation of sodium.

Plus many of MSG contained in the seasoning and pack instant noodles can release BPA and ruin the contents of the food to be one of the factors why instant noodles are considered less good for your health.


The accumulated substances are dangerous will vary depending on the type of substance, the condition of your liver and kidneys as well as how many substances there are in the body.

The more substance then the longer the body out, the worse the condition of your liver and kidneys then the longer is the process pengeluarannya.

Normally the body will process all types of food consumed and leftovers that are not necessary will be issued 24-48 hours after being eaten in the form of feses and all that stuff excessively consumed will be purged or expelled through the liver and kidneys.

So if You love Your body, avoid consuming noodles regularly and cukupi needs/ kelengkapan nutrients by adding vegetables and the fresh next time consume noodles.

For what it’s worth.